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Episode # Story Name Author Story Reader Link to Author's Site
1 Spooklights
Mike Robinson Kada McDonald Mike Robinson Author Between the Lines
2 Forget Me Not
Morovada Leslie Ann Moore Marovada's discombobulation
3 The Interview
Leslie Ann Moore Leslie Ann Moore & Bruce McDonald The Website of Leslie Ann Moore
4 The Poisoned Chalice
Brian Stableford Bruce McDonald Brian Stableford:
5 Goblin Hunter
Jim C. Hines Bruce McDonald Jim C. Hines
FF1 Now That I'm a Robot
Ralph Gamelli Rufus Nagel Unable to Verify Website
6 I Have a Daughter
Catherine Edmunds Leslie Ann Moore Catherine Edmunds Novelist and Poet
FF2 At the Aquarium
Matthew Spence Leslie Ann Moore Unable to Verify Website
7 Haunting Clues
Maria Schneider Leslie Ann Moore Maria Scheider's Goodread Page
8 Tannis
William Meikle Rufus Nagel William Meikle
9 Alien Hunt
James Hartley Bruce McDonald James Hartley
10 The Cat, The Desert and Lucky .003
Kassandra Kelly Leslie Ann Moore The Hive Encaustic
Possibly the author's website.
FF3 The Invisible Man is Innocent
Ralph Gamelli Bruce McDonald Articles by Ralph Gamelli
11 Union Dues: Team Shikaragaki - The Ballad of Kitty Momoiro
Jeffrey DeRego Abby Kim Jeffrey DeRego
12 Trefalgar and the Ape-Men of Haunted Wood
Nicholas Ozment Kada McDonald Ozmentality
13 Incarnation Day
Walter Jon Williams Dani Cutler WJW
14 How to Talk to Girls at Parties
Neil Gaiman Bruce McDonald Neil Gaiman